Classroom Rules and Behavior



Discipline Plan and Classroom Rules

             I am looking forward to having your child in my classroom. I have full faith in the students of this class that they will show mutual respect toward both me as the teacher and toward other students. I want school this year to be a positive experience for your child. I am sure that between your child’s motivation to do well, your very important support, and my efforts as his or her teacher, we can make it a success. My classroom discipline plan relies on students developing good self discipline. This will help them to achieve many goals in life. Learning how to make the proper behavioral choices in life is an important lesson to learn. With our whole class working together to follow this plan it will be conducive toward a productive classroom environment where students feel safe and learning is optimized.

We have a behavior pocket chart in our classroom.  The purpose of this chart is to teach each child to be responsible for their own actions.  The chart is a visual reminder of each child's behavior and of how well each child is meeting class standards.  Since young children are still learning how to inhibit unacceptable behavior this visual reminder is a gentle, but clearly established system for the child to CORRECT unacceptable behavior.  This system is the same for ALL students and is extremely FAIR.  It is the Butler R-V goal to have a safe classroom environment that promotes learning for all students.
         The chart is visible at all times.  Each child has a pocket with his/her name on it. Each child's pocket has five cards. A Green card which means good behavior, then a  "verbal warning". Then the card is changed to  yellow  with a loss of 5 to 10 minutes of recess. An Orange card  means a loss of 15 to 20 minutes of recess. If misbehavior continues  the card is changed to Hot Pink which means the child will  lose 25 to 30 minutes of recess.  If the card is changed to Blue, the student will have to put a "Safe Seat" sign on their desk and scoot the desk back from the other students. While in the safe seat they do not get recess or snacks, and they are not allowed to play any learning games. A "think sheet" is filled out as to what their behavior should have looked like. If problems continue to escalate the student is sent  to a
"Buddy Seat" in another classroom and loss of special area time occurs, and the parent is notified.  When a student causes problems in a Buddy Seat he or she is sent to the office for Administrative counseling with the vice-principal or principle.


The first week the students come up with the classroom rules we will follow.  Everyone in the class then signs a posted contract to the rules. The list of class rules last year were kept very simple with only three basic rules. I imagine they will be similar for this year.

It is Easy to Behave Properly:

Listen to the teacher and follow her directions.

Be a friend to everyone, simply treat everyone like you would like them to treat you.

Take care of our classroom and all the materials in it, whether they belong to the school or someone else.

            I want to create a constructive learning atmosphere for all the students in the classroom. I will go over the class rules and consequences several times in class as well as having abbreviated forms of them posted as a reference for the students.  However, I feel it would be beneficial for you as a family to discuss these class rules together.

 Thank you for assisting me in getting our school year off to a positive start conducive to learning.

You can also check your child's behavior for the day on Dojo.


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