Homework Guidelines for this Classroom

            Students will receive homework assignments almost every night in 1st grade. There will also be certain skill areas that your child needs to practice continually at home throughout the school year.  If a child has makeup work or corrections to do, these will come home with a stamp to please complete.


            We  have ten words that we will study and test on each week. Trial tests are on Wednesday, with final tests on Thursday. Reversed letters or capitalization in the wrong places will constitute a misspelled word. A dictation test will also be given weekly on Friday.


            Any reading completed at home using library books, school textbook stories, or your child’s own books, is a tremendous benefit in developing reading skills.  I will be sending a monthly Reading At Home (RAH) log home with your child. Please fill out any RAH books read, sign and return monthly. Information on the Pizza Hut Book IT contest will be sent home in October.

           Our reading series textbook will be sent home Monday through Thursdays for your child to read the weekly story to you.  This is in preparation for the reading test on Friday. We will also be having cold read tests on stories your child will not have seen before.

           I will still be conducting small guided reading groups following our new literacy model. I will be working with each child on their level of ability. The other students will be involved in various language art stations while small groups and individuals are being pulled to work with me.

           Students will be bringing library books home to read. Please listen to your child read their books, and then send them back with the student the next day so they can take an AR test and get new books. I would love to see every student reading 30 minutes a night. If necessary break this up into two 15 minute segments.

          Sight words:

            A list of sight words and an explanation letter on these will also be sent home. Have your student practice these words till they can read them by sight. Otherwise, they are reading it within a three second time frame, not sounding out the word. Spelling does not count on the sight word tests, just their ability to read the word.


           Please have your student practice beginning addition and subtraction flashcards.  These are a wonderful tool to use with your child to improve math skills. Flashcard sets are available at Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, and other locations in inexpensive card sets. I may also occasionally send home some flashcards for the students to work on at home.

            Math  homework sheets will usually be sent home  just about every day. Page A will  have been completed in class. The students will  need to complete page B at home. Please read the math problems to your child. Math fact sheets will also be coming home frequently. Please check over these after your child has completed them and initial that you have done so. The only day that there is usually no math homework is on days that we have a math concepts test. These are the lessons ending in numbers divisible by five followed by a dash and 2. Otherwise this will look like 130-2, 145-2, etc. If your child is telling you there is now homework, and you want to check on this, please fill free to call me.

            Parents are a key component in making learning a positive experience for their child. I greatly appreciate all you do to help your children achieve success. If at anytime a question arises please feel free to contact me. My school phone number is (660)-679-6591, ext-118. Do try to restrict calls to my plan time (1:10 to 1:50). I am also available for questions after school.

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